1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) applies to «Neva. Retail Days» website available at retaildays.ru.

1.2. The website of «Neva. Retail Days» Forum (hereinafter referred to as the Site) is owned by the Operator of «Neva. Retail Days» event.

1.3. This Agreement governs the relations between administration of «Neva. Retail Days» Site (hereinafter referred to as the Site Administration) and Site User.

1.4. The Site Administration reserves the right to change, add or delete clauses hereof at any time without any notice to the User.

1.5. Use of the Site by the User means acceptance of the Agreement and changes introduced thereto.

1.6. The User shall bear personal responsibility for checking this Agreement for any changes therein.


2.1. In this Agreement the terms below shall have the following meanings:

2.1.1 «Neva. Retail Days» Forum — a website available at domain name retaildays.ru, operating through the website and associated services (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

2.1.2. «Neva. Retail Days» Forum — the site containing information about Goods and/or Services and/or other valuables for the user, about Seller and/or Service Provider allowing for selection, ordering and(or) purchasing the Goods, and/or receipt of services.

2.1.3. Site Administration — authorized employees controlling the Site, acting on behalf of the Operator of «Neva. Retail Days» Forum event.

2.1.4. Site User (hereinafter referred to as the User) — a person having access to the Site via the Internet and using the Site.

2.1.5. Site Content (hereinafter referred to as the Content) — protected results of the intellectual activity, including texts of literary works, their names, forewords, abstracts, articles, illustrations, covers, music pieces with or without lyrics, graphic, textual, photographic, derivative, composite and other works, user interfaces, visual interfaces, names of trademarks, logos, computer programs, databases as well as design, structure, selection, coordination, appearance, common style and location of the Content being a part of the Site and other intellectual property contained at retaildays.ru taken collectively and/or individually.


3.1. The subject of this Agreement is granting access to the Goods and/or rendered services available at the Site to the User.

3.1.1. The Site offers to the User the following types of services: access to the Site search and navigation tools; opportunity for the User to post messages, comments, reviews of the Users, evaluate the Site Content; access to information about the Goods and/or services, to information on acquisition of the Goods on a paid basis/free of charge; possibility to upload the own content (photo, video, audio, books, texts).

3.1.2. This Agreement applies to all currently existing (actually operating) Site services as well as any subsequent modifications thereof and any future services.

3.2. Access to the Site is granted free of charge.

3.3. This Agreement is a public offer. By getting access to the Site, the User is considered acceding to this Agreement.

3.4. The use of the Site materials and services is governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


4.1. The Site Administration shall be entitled to:

4.1.1. Change the Site terms of use as well as the Site content. Any changes are effective upon publication of a new version of the Agreement at the Site.

4.2. The User shall be entitled to:

4.2.1. Use all services available at the Site and purchase any Goods and/or Services offered at the Site.

4.2.2. Ask any questions concerning the Site services by e-mail: info@retailevent.ru

4.2.3. Use the Site only for purposes and in order established by the Agreement and not prohibited by the Russian Federation laws.

4.2.4. The information from the Site can be copied.

4.2.5. Claim from the Administration to disclose any user information.

4.2.6. Use the Site information for commercial purposes without special permission.

4.3. The Site User shall:

4.3.1. Upon the Site Administration request, provide additional information directly related to the services rendered at the Site.

4.3.2. Respect the proprietary and non-proprietary rights of authors and other rightholders when using the Site.

4.3.3. Not take any actions, which may be considered as defacing the Site operation.

4.3.4. Not distribute through the Site any information protected by the laws of the Russian Federation and confidential information about individuals or legal entities.

4.3.5. Avoid any acts, which may result in breach of confidentiality of the information protected by the laws of the Russian Federation.

4.3.6. Not use the Site for distribution of advertising information except as otherwise agreed upon with the Site Administration.

4.3.7. Not use the services with the purpose to: infringe the rights of under-age persons and(or) cause any harm to them. impair the rights of minorities. act for another person or as representative of an organization and(or) company without sufficient rights, including acting for employees of this Site. misinform about properties and characteristics of any Goods and/or services available at the Site. inappropriately compare the Goods and/or services as well as to form negative attitude to persons, who (do not) use certain Goods and/or services or to criticize such persons. upload content, which is illegal, infringes any rights of the third parties; encourages violence, cruelty, hatred and(or) discrimination based on race, nationality, sex, religion, social status; contains unreliable data and(or) insults towards certain persons, organizations, authorities. incite the commission of unlawful acts and assist persons, whose actions are aimed at violation of restrictions and prohibitions being in force in the territory of the Russian Federation.

4.3.8. Ensure reliability of the provided information.

4.3.9. Ensure protection of the personal data from the third parties’ access.

4.4. The User shall not:

4.4.1. Use any devices, programs, procedures, algorithms and methods, automatic means or equivalent manual processes to access, obtain, copy or trace the Site content.

4.4.2. Deface proper functioning of the Site.

4.4.3. In any manner bypass the Site navigation structure to obtain or try to obtain any information, documents or materials by any means, which are not specifically provided for by the Site services.

4.4.4. Get unauthorized access to the Site functions, any other systems or networks connected with the Site as well as to any services offered at the Site.

4.4.4. Disrupt the security or authentication system of the Site or any network connected with the Site.

4.4.5. Perform inverted search, trace or try to trace any information about any other Site User.

4.4.6. Use the Site and Site Content for any purposes prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation, or solicit to any illegal or other activities infringing the rights of the Site or other persons.


5.1. The Site and Content being a part of the Site are owned and controlled by the Site Administration.

5.2. The Site Content is protected by the copyright, laws on trademarks and by other rights related to intellectual property as well as by laws on unfair competition.

5.3. This Agreement applies to all additional provisions and conditions of the purchase of Goods and/or rendering of services available at the Site.

5.4. The information posted on the Site shall not be interpreted as modification hereof.

5.5. The Site Administration may at any time and without prior notice amend the list of Goods and services offered at the Site and(or) their prices.

5.6. The Confidentiality Policy document posted on the Site governs to the corresponding extent and applies to the use of the Site by the User.

5.7. Any document listed herein may be updated. The amendments come into effect from the date of posting on the Site.


6.1. Any losses, which may be incurred by a User in case of wilful or negligent violation of any provision hereof as well as due to unauthorized access to communications of any other User are not compensated by the Site Administration.

6.2. The Site Administration shall not be responsible for:

6.2.1. Delays or failures in any operation resulting from force majeure as well as from any malfunctions in telecommunication, computer, electric and other related systems.

6.2.2. Actions of transfer systems, banks, payment systems and for delays connected with their operation.

6.2.3. Proper functioning of the Site where a User does not have the necessary technical facilities to use the same, and shall not be obliged to provide the User with such facilities.


7.1. The Site Administration shall be entitled to disclose information about a User where such disclosure is required or permitted by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.2. The Site Administration may without prior notice to the User discontinue or block the access to the Site should the User be in breach of this Agreement or terms of the Site use contemplated by other documents, or should the Site become inoperable due to technical failure or problem.

7.3. The Site Administration shall not be responsible to the User or third parties for discontinued access to the Site by reason of violation by the User of any provision of this Agreement or any other document containing the terms of the Site use.


8.1. In case of any disagreements or disputes between the Parties hereto, the presentation of claims (written offer of voluntary settlement of a dispute) is a mandatory condition before going to a court.

8.2. A claim recipient shall within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt thereof notify the claimant in writing about results of the claim consideration.

8.3. Where a dispute may not be settled on a voluntary basis, either Party may go to a court to protect its rights granted to it by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

8.4. Any action with respect to the terms of the Site use must be brought within 5 days after the cause of action arises, except for protection of copyrights to the Site materials protected pursuant to the law. In case of violation of this clause, any action will not be considered by a court.


9.1. The Site Administration does not accept counter-offers of the Users concerning modification of this User Agreement.

9.2. Users’ feedbacks posted on the Site are not confidential information and may be used by the Site Administration without limitation.